Google Account Recovery

Perform Google Account Recovery Without Any Trouble

Google has provided a lot of methods for recovering My Google Account so if you have forgotten your password then there is no need to take tension. By using a phone number, alternate email address, nickname you can perform Google Account Recovery in a very easy manner. In order to perform the account recovery effectively do follow the proper steps as then only you will be able to do Google Recovery.

Google Account Recovery Via Registered Phone Number

This recovery method can only be performed when you have liked the phone number and when you have that number in active mode. Google recovery is not a big task as by just following a few steps one can easily recover the account.

  • At first, open the Google Sign In page.
  • Then in the Sign Page enter the email address and after that click on the "Next" button.
  • On the next page you need to enter the password but if you don't remember the password then just simply click the "forgot password" link.
  • On clicking this link another page will get open in that you again need to enter your google email address and after doing so Google will ask you to enter the phone number which is registered with your account.
  • Once after entering the number click the "continue" link.
  • Thereafter you need to enter the verification code in the code box. The verification code will be sent by Google at the registered phone number.
  • After entering the verification code click the"submit" button on doing so your Google account will get recovered.
  • Know you can click on the "Continue" button to resume your work.

Google Recovery By Entering The Alternate Email Address

The account recovery can be performed by entering the alternate email address but make sure that you have linked the alternate email at the time of creating an account. To recover the account with the help of an email address follow the steps explained below.

  • At first, open the Google Login page on the device.
  • Then enter your Google email id and after that tap the "Next" button.
  • Therefore next page will get open from there tap the "forgot password" link.
  • On clicking the link Google will ask you few questions to recover the account but before that, you have to again enter an email address.
  • At first Google will ask you to enter the alternate Phone Number which you have entered at the time of creating of account. If you don't know the number then simply tap the "Try another way" o[ewtuon.
  • Secondly, Google will ask you to enter the alternate email address. If you know the same then just provide that and tap the Continue tab.
  • On doing so you will receive an email from Google security side in that email verification code will be mentioned. You just need to copy the same code and after that paste it on the Google verification page.
  • Always remember that if you will use that code after 10 minutes that that verification code will be not valid. Once you will provide the code submit it as on doing so your account will be get recovered.

Do You Know In Which Month You Have Created Account?

If you know the month of creating the Google account then also you can easily recover the account it must be shocking for you but yes this can really help you in finding the account a hassle-free manner. Read and follow the guidelines given below to recover the Google account by entering the month.

  • Firstly on the Google Sign In page enter the email address.
  • Then from the next tap, the "forgot google password" option.
  • Later Google will ask you to enter the phone number from there tap the "Try another way option".
  • Secondly, Google will ask you to provide an alternate email address then from there also tap the "Try another way option".
  • On taping the link Google will ask you another question of entering the month and year of creation of an account.
  • If you will enter the correct month and year then you will be able to recover your account.
  • Once after recovering the account don't forget the reset password and for doing so you have to visit the "change Google account password" page.
  • On the change password page enter the new password and after that confirm the password by entering the new password again.
  • Thereafter save the password and after doing this sign out your account and again open the account by entering the email address and new password.

Sync Your Phone Via Google Account

If you are using the Android phone then it mandatory to use the Google account as then only you will be able to use all functionalities of the android phone. Once you will sync the Google account via your phone then you all data will get safely saved in your personal account and then you can use that data by simply signing in the Google account.

Sometimes the android phone stops recognizing your account and then at that time you need to again perform the Sign In and for doing so users have to enter the email address password if in that case, you have forgotten your password then you need to recover it.

One can in a very simple manner recover the Google account on the android phone and for doing so you just simply need to open any of the Google related apps means you can open Google Play Store, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Music, Google Map and so on. On opening the Google or Google related apps you need to select the saved id once after choosing the same you need to enter the password.

If you don't remember the password then simply tap on the forgot password alternative. On doing so you need to enter the phone number and then after that, you will receive the verification code. The code will itself get entered on the verification code, if that will be valid then your Google account will get recovered successfully.

What If Forgotten Google Email id?

Sometimes when your mind gets blank then usually we forget that what we are going to type, if this happens with you while entering the Google email id then there is no need to take tension as by the Google account recovery page you can easily recover your account in trouble freeway.

  • You can recover the account by using a laptop, computer, mobile phone, tab, etc. So now get started by recovering your Google account and for starting you first need to open your device.
  • Thereafter open the Google login page from there clicks on the "forgot email address" link.
  • On doing so you will be redirected to the "Google account recovery" page. On that page, you need to enter the phone number or email address linked with your Google account.
  • After entering the credentials click the "Next" tab.
  • Thereafter another page will get open in the enter the username.
  • Later Google will send you the confirmation code.
  • On the verification code box enter the code and then after that click the "Next" tab.
  • Finally, click on the submit button as will tap the submit button you will successfully be able to recover google account.

How To Keep Google Account Secure?

If you want to keep your Google account safe and secure then you need to take the few measures and for doing so you need to do some effective things as this will only help you in achieving the goal. Take the below-mentioned measures to secure the Google Account.

Enable 2-Step Verification : A few months ago Google has provided the new feature of enabling the 2 steps verification. By enabling this feature no one can open your account without entering the authentication code. To enable this security set you just need to visit the Google security page and then from there open the 2-step verification option. On enabling this feature you need to enter the phone number so that you can receive the code on that. Know if even you also open the account on another device then you have to enter the code and that code will expire within 2 minutes or as per the setup time.

Change Password: User should timely reset the password as by doing you no one can trace your password and in this way, your security of account will be maintained. Try to create a harder password as simple p[assword can be easily guessed by anyone.

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